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Where To Find A Research Paper Literature Review Example: Vital Advice

Sometimes, students are assigned to write reviews on research papers. This teaches them to analyze someone else’s work and its strong and weak sides. Not all students can write good reviews without any experience. They need to look at some examples at least. If you want to learn what sources you should use to find a decent example of a literature review on an academic paper, you may read the tips below.

  1. Your instructor.
  2. The person who gave you this assignment is the one who may provide you with help. Approach your teacher or instructor and tell him or her about your needs. It’s likely that your teacher will understand your problems and give you some review examples that might help you with your work.

  3. Your college library.
  4. There are many research papers written by students of your college stored in your college library. Also, you’re not the first to write a literature review of a paper, so you may find some decent review examples in the library too. It’ll take some time, but if you’re thorough enough, you’ll get what you need.

  5. Your college friends.
  6. You may also ask your elder college friends whether they wrote similar reviews in the past. It’s likely that they did, so if you’re lucky, they’ll provide you with their works. You may definitely use them as examples, but be careful, because they might contain some mistakes.

  7. Writing centers.
  8. These organizations help students write their research papers. It’s likely that they also may provide you with some review examples too. All you need to do is to find such centers in your town and ask them for help. However, keep in mind that they usually demand payment for their services, although some of such centers are non-profit organizations.

  9. Online libraries.
  10. You may also use various sources on the Internet. For example, you may take advantage of online libraries that contain plenty of texts. You may find some good reviews there and it won’t cost you anything to download these texts.

  11. Online writing companies.
  12. There are many websites like PaperWritingPros that provide students with research paper writing services. It’s likely that you may get many review examples written by professionals from such sites. However, you should remember that all of their services will cost you money, so consider your budget before contacting them.

These are the best sources that will provide you with literature review examples for academic papers. Remember not to copy anything from such examples. Otherwise, you’ll be accused in plagiarism.